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David Edmundson-BIrd
May 27, 2016 0

Contactless Defence – Mobile vs Card

There are more than 80 million contactless cards in circulation in the UK at the moment, and as people with [...]

Social Media

October 13, 2015 0

News from the DMMP

During this academic year the #DMMP academic team will look to post examples of the good work done by our [...]

Digital Research

June 11, 2015 0

MMU Social Media Research Seminar Reflection

MMU Social Media Research Seminar In a first of its kind event at MMU, I had the pleasure of organising and [...]

Digital Events

October 27, 2015 0

NUX4 Write-up & Summary

We asked top SEO practitioner and MSc Digital Marketing student, Dawn Anderson, to tell us about what she [...]

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Digital Brands

September 3, 2014 0

Brand Image, Product Packaging and Edgy Marketing: Almost Famous

Almost Famous, a restaurant that thrives on a reputation for a) burgers and b) edgy image, found itself the [...]

Digital Careers

September 26, 2014 0

Mind the gap: Digital Skills

Digital changes so quickly it’s almost mesmerising. Yes that sounds clichéd but it’s very true. So how [...]

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